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      Shipping Rates & Delivery times


      Delivery Service

      Shipping Time



      1-2 Working Days


      Europe Zone 1
      3-5 Working Days


      Europe Zone 2

      3-7 Working Days


      Russia 5-7 Working Days


      USA - includes import duty charges - please note additional duties may be charged on delivery 5-7 Working Days



      Exchange Rates

      All prices shown on australialuxeco.co.uk are in GBP (£) if you are based in the UK - If you are based in Europe, the prices are shown in Euros (€). If you are based in the USA, the prices are shown in US$ .

      If you need a conversion to your local currency, please refer to yahoo.finance.com or a similar website. Exchange rates change daily, and Australia Luxe Co Ltd is not responsible for any loss incurred as a result of currency fluctuation. Please note that your credit card processor may charge you a conversion rate fee.